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EuroTesting Conference 2019: How Great Teachers Make Great Managers


Linux Format Magazine (July 2018)
PyDev of the Week
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OWASP Learning Gateway(2017)
PyCon Education Summit (2014 – 2019)


Queensborough Community College: Kids & Teens
Queensborough Community College: Workforce Development

Test Automation Workshop


Counterplay Denmark 2017: Playful Software Exploration Protreptic Salon Denmark 2017: Play and Passion


Dissertation: Assessment in Music Education Python Projects for Kids

Articles in Publication
Make Your Code Bulletproof with Property Based Testing
I Taught Myself to Code, and You Can Too
Driving Impact as the Lone Tester in a Small Organization
Everyday Agile Practices for Every Tester
6 Technical Testing Skills that Aren’t Automation
Top Programming Skills for Software Testers
A Mobile Testing Maturity Model
Dealing With Fragmentation in Mobile Testing
Introduction to Mobile Analytics  How Writing a Book helped me Become a Better Tester

Talks & Webinars

The Lone Tester

I gave The Lone Tester webinar in 2016, in partnership with the Ministry of Testing. Members of MoT can view the webinar here.

Better Communication

This is an unedited talk I gave to an enthusiastic audience in Brooklyn. Probably one of my favorite talks because I felt at ease, and it is important for all of us to keep working on communication skills in our personal and professional lives. #AngryCarl

PyGotham 2015: ATDD

I gave this talk at PyGotham in 2015. I think that it is a good introduction to using an ATDD tool to develop acceptance tests. I think that I would retract the idea that it is ATDD by itself, as building requirements in this style must be done in concert with development efforts for ATDD to be occurring.

CAST 2015: The Art and Science of Questioning

This is a talk I gave while in an incredible amount of pain after a hospital visit in a city I did not know! The nature of this first major talk revealed my nerves, but I really enjoyed the dialogue I got to have with the attendees at the end of the talk.

Talks Without Video

STPCon 2015: Conscientious Test Automation VT Code Camp 2015: Automation with Python, Selenium, and Behave